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Links for accept payments in crypto wherever you are

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Benefits of Payment links


Accept cross-border payments, international transfers or simply send funds to family and loved ones - payment links can be used for any of your purposes


Payment link created instantly, you just need to indicate the amount and send it to the payer who can pay by bank card, transfer, Google/Apple pay and many other


PCI DSS, fraud-monitoring, chargeback protection


Links allow you to accept payments without limits and wherever you


Incredible limits

Receive transfers up to $100,000 at a time


Payment links allow you to choose who will pay the transfer fee from 1% to 3.99% depending on the payment method

How to use payment links?

Step 01
Go to swaps.app and choose Payment links. Specify the amount of fiat and crypto and wallet address to receive a transfer
Step 02
Specify payment details and generate a link for sending to the payer
Step 03
Receive payment

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