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We were fed up with the ultra lengthy and highly complicated process of buying cryptocurrencies - that's exactly why we launched SWAPS, to solve this fundamental problem. Disrupting and completely reinventing the old way, we are the change this industry craves.

With world-class talent on board, we created a remarkably sleek platform that finally opens the gates of the crypto world for everyone while making buying and selling hyper-fast, and supremely easy.

Our Vision

Simplifying Crypto Access with Trust and Innovation Since 2019

Swaps.app is an innovative company whose mission is to create new standards in the financial services industry. We aim to become a leader in providing reliable, affordable and fully legal financial solutions to customers around the world. Our goal is to make financial transactions easy and accessible in every corner of the world, with a focus on compliance with legislation and international regulations.

Based on the principles of transparency, honesty and integrity, Swaps.app is committed to providing its services with high ethical standards. We value the trust of our clients and partners, so we make every effort to maintain an impeccable reputation. Our approach to business is based on creativity, innovation and continuous improvement, which allows us to not only meet but also exceed market expectations.

Swaps.app is actively working to expand its global presence with a focus on cultural and regional diversity. We strive to provide services that are convenient and understandable for people in different parts of the world, taking into account their unique needs and preferences. Our company is actively adopting new technologies and methodologies to make our services even more accessible, reliable and efficient.

At Swaps.app, we understand the importance of sustainability and social responsibility. Therefore, we make efforts to minimize our impact on the environment and actively participate in social projects. Our team is constantly striving to improve, both professionally and personally, to best meet the needs of our clients and society as a whole.

We are also focused on building a strong, motivated and professionally developed team. At Swaps.app, we believe in the power of teamwork and encourage leadership and individual contribution from each employee. Developing the talents and skills of our employees is a key aspect of our strategy, as they are the foundation of our success and innovation.

In conclusion, Swaps.app is not just a financial services company. We are a community of professionals, like-minded people and innovators united by a common goal: to make the world a better place by providing high quality, affordable and reliable financial services. Our approach to business is based on trust, professionalism and a commitment to excellence, which allows us to not just achieve, but exceed expectations in every area of our business.

We work with simply the best

Our Values

Values for Excellence


Pioneering crypto payment solutions for B2C and B2B with cutting-edge technology.

Customer Focus

Tailoring user-friendly, secure payment methods to meet diverse client needs.

Business Integration

Seamless integration of our payment solutions into modern business processes.

Security & Privacy

Guaranteeing the highest level of data protection for clients and partners.

Meet our team

Georgios Kalmpazidis
Co-founder & CEO
Linda Derkaca
Co-founder & CCO
Alexander Aveshnikov
Marianna Ryzhova
Vardges Hovhannisyan
Head of cyber security
Tigran Karapetyan
Development lead
Vladimir Pavlov
Product designer
Dmitriy Valitskiy
Project Manager
Evgeniy Klychnikov

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It's the perfect time to join Swaps, as we grow both as a company and a community. Help us drive the change and open the gates of the crypto world for everyone. Choose between working from the office, remotely within your employment country, or even outside of it.

At Swaps, we believe that every role makes an impact; thus, we give our employees the freedom and flexibility to contribute to the team on their way.

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