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It's the perfect time to join Swaps, as we grow both as a company and a community. Help us drive the change and open the gates of the crypto world for everyone. Choose between working from the office, remotely within your employment country, or even outside of it. At Swaps, we believe that every role makes an impact; thus, we give our employees the freedom and flexibility to contribute to the team on their way.

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Who we are

Founded in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2019

Swaps.app makes crypto accessible for individuals and businesses. Having a team of talents on board, we strive for change in the industry with cutting-edge technology and years of expertise. Join our journey towards building a human-centric, transparent, fraud-free crypto ecosystem that makes an impact.

Our values

Having a diverse team, we appreciate the uniqueness of each employee at Swaps.app. What makes us the team is the values we share, the cornerstones of our culture.

Default to integrity and transparency.
Team Play
Cooperation as the main driver of success.
Quality as a habit, not an occasion.
Open to new knowledge and growth.

World is our office

Though our headquarters are located in Tallinn, Estonia and Yerevan, Armenia, we have team members over the globe. We support regular face-to-face interactions, but also we believe that our office can be where our home is. At Swaps.app we also have relocation assistance for internationals, so nothing can stop you from joining us.

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