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Join the Swaps affiliate program, provide a completely ready-made, convenient and profitable solution for Buy/Sell and Receive crypto for users and earn up to 1% on every transaction.

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Features and Benefits

Instant and convenient services

Safe and secure

Secure transactions with 3-DS V2 verification. Swaps is verified by Visa and supports Mastercard ID check.

Easy integration

payment methods


countries coverage


Incredible limits up to

Available limit for a user transaction
100 000


Control data about users and transactions, generate analytics reports, withdraw earnings and much more


Withdraw your earnings at any convenient time. You can convert the earned funds into BTC or withdraw them to a bank account in fiat currency (EUR, USD, etc.).

Solution format


Integrate source code into your web page and provide full widget functionality to your users.
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Checkout page

Redirect your users to a separate checkout page with a custom design to complete transactions
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