Why You Should Accept Crypto As A Payment Method Via Swaps

By the time they were introduced, online payments had revolutionized transactions forever and opened unseen opportunities for retailers and businesses.

July 4, 2023
Swaps team

Many consider cryptocurrencies to be the next disruption of online money flow. For the benefits it offers, hundreds of organizations have already started accepting crypto as a payment method—read on to find out why yours should join the movement and accept crypto payments from day one.

The advantages of crypto payments

Let’s begin by looking at the actual benefits of crypto payments and why anyone should consider using them instead of conventional online transfers. First, as most cryptocurrencies run on blockchains, they can leverage all the security and safety offered by the technology. These traits are directly derived from hashing, anonymity, and unbiased consensus, which are essential elements of most systems of the sort.

They are moving on to speed, yet another characteristic of crypto payments. Numerous global blockchain networks boast thousands of international and domestic transactions within seconds, which makes them the go-to solution for many businesses where time is of the essence.

Last but not least, the affordability of crypto transactions has to be highlighted, with countless networks offering transactions for less than 1 USD, irrelevant to the amount, destination, or sort of token being transferred.

How crypto payments work

Now that we’ve gone through why anyone would even consider crypto payments let’s have a word about how they work, as all this could sound too good to be true for some. The underlying system behind all the above benefits is a blockchain and numerous anonymous validator nodes, which work in synergy.

Blockchain is the ledger that immutably records all transactions, but validators are those who check and verify the contents of each query before appending it to the network. Validators are incentivized to operate via crypto tokens, which come from the tamper-proof algorithms of their respective blockchain.

Combine all the above, and you get secure, fast, and affordable global transactions close to being unbeatable by conventional, central solutions. Before all that becomes accessible, one must buy crypto assets first to spend.

Reasons why you should accept crypto as the payment method

Based on all we’ve mentioned, it’s easy to see why accepting crypto payments are becoming increasingly popular every day, but what’s in it for your business? Let’s see how the benefits can translate to profits in your case.

Reason #1: Crypto holders will choose you over competitors

Think about it: as a crypto holder, you want to spend your tokens directly instead of exchanging them back and forth for fiat currency. You’ve amassed a significant amount to your name, but only one business of your interest accepts crypto as a payment method on their website. You’ll choose that over competitors all the time.

Reason #2: New audiences mean new profit source

By attracting a whole new set of customers, you unlock untapped profits and funds that not even your fiercest competitors will be able to get close to. This ultimately sounds like something that will boost your performance indicators in the short and long run.

Reason #3: Accepting crypto payments is easy with Swaps

The best part is that accepting crypto payments is easier than ever via Swaps’ multifunctional and easy-to-integrate payment processing solutions. Apply today, and after a few simple steps and a short time, your business can start reaping the benefits of crypto transactions. Start now, join the movement early on, and gain the ultimate edge over your competitors.

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