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February 15, 2024
February 15, 2024
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In the ever-evolving world of digital solutions, affiliate marketing has become a powerful model for collaboration and mutual benefit among partner companies and Swaps is at the forefront of this trend with its innovative affiliate program.

About Swaps

Swaps is a fully regulated European company with an international team and offices in 3 countries. Swaps provides a crypto payment gateway (On&Off ramp solution or widget) for buy, sell and exchange crypto. This solution is available for personal and business use. Anyone can come to swaps.app and buy or sell crypto profitable, absolutely safely and instantly. 

For business, these solutions are provided through integration via Single API with a website or mobile application. And literally within 1 day, a business can provide it to users with a ready-made and secure crypto payment solution with a custom design and 24/7 support.

What is Swaps affiliate program?

This is a mutually beneficial cooperation between a company (Swaps) and other users or companies (affiliates), who receive a ready-made solution for buy and sell cryptocurrency and attract new clients to the Swaps services (through their website, mobile application, personal recommendations, advertising, social networks, etc.). Swaps pays reward - a percentage of all completed transactions of attracted users.

Key benefits of Swaps affiliate program:

Unlimited earnings

In the Swaps affiliate program you have no earnings limit. Swaps provides one of the highest reward shares on the market - up to 1% of the amount of all completed transactions.

Partnership guarantee

Each affiliate is a Swaps partner with whom the company builds long-term cooperation based on an agreement. We provide the ability to withdraw funds at any time, regardless of the volume of transactions.

  • withdraw rewards in cryptocurrency, a partner’s Bitcoin wallet is provided from which you can withdraw funds to any third-party wallet
  • withdrawals in traditional currencies (EUR, USD), you can withdraw funds to your bank account using IBAN, without the risk of bank blocks.

Top crypto payment solution

Customers return for the best product and this rule is certain. Swaps provides one of the best solutions on the market that will satisfy the demand of your users and expand your business development horizons. Your users can instantly purchase or exchange cryptocurrency with minimal fees, multiple payment methods and incredible limits.


One of the fundamental aspects of the solutions is security - the Swaps company and products have financial licenses in Estonia and Canada. Operates according to the PCI DSS standard, have innovative anti-fraud filter protection and adhere to strict KYC verification and compliance rules.

User friendly interface

The widget has a very friendly and smooth design based on user experience research and best customer development insights. Swaps provides the opportunity to customize the checkout page to suit your corporate style, use your company’s logos and communications so that the customer journey is absolutely seamless.

Transparent analytics and reporting

Partners have access to a partner account with detailed analytics and reporting, allowing them to track the effectiveness of their efforts and optimize strategies.

Fast integration

Integration takes the shortest time and in just 1 day you can go live and provide users with one of the superior On&Off Ramp solutions on the market.

Formats of affiliate program

In Swaps affiliate program you have the opportunity to choose a solution format suitable for your platform and users. You can offer or promote Swaps services to the audience and leave an affiliate link for users on your website, application, social platforms, forums, etc. Or integrate Swaps into your platform using the Single API in the following formats:

Checkout page

Users will be redirected to a separate checkout page for selecting the exchange direction and to complete transactions.


Users will not leave your platform and the entire journey will be seamless. Integrate source code into your web page and provide full widget functionality to your users.

How to join a Swaps affiliate program?

It's simple - go to the affiliate program page, click on one of the buttons on the page (Get started or integrate now) or click here and submit your application. We will provide you with an affiliate account and a link to the widget, which you can place on your own or on any other website, mobile application, social networks, forums, or just share it with friends.


The world of cryptocurrencies is rapidly growing, providing unique opportunities and becoming mass adoption. Join Swaps affiliate program, focus on the growth of your business and earn extra profit, we take care of everything else.

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