Introducing Swaps BTC Wallet For Businesses

Swaps is thrilled to officially launch the Swaps BTC Wallet for businesses, which brings additional functionality and flexible pay-in and pay-out options for partners.

July 4, 2023
Swaps team

From now on, each Swaps partner has a dedicated BTC wallet address, which makes selling goods in crypto easier and allows them to make a pay-out from that source.

Swaps BTC wallet is visible in the right corner of the "Balance" page inside the partner dashboard. Each time a user sends a BTC to that wallet address or a business makes a pay-out from it the balance gets updated.

How Pay-In Works?

E-commerce businesses can offer BTC payment options on their website using the Swaps BTC wallet address. They can simply copy the wallet address and send it to their users to make a Pay-in to that wallet. Sometimes, we can set the partner’s wallet by default so that when the user buys a crypto, it is sent to an already preset wallet address.

It is quite easy to find all the transactions made to the Swaps BTC wallet address, which are available in the “Pay-in“ tab of the partner admin.

How Pay-Out Works?

If a partner wants to transfer the BTC from their Swaps wallet address to any external wallet, they can use the Payout feature. Here are the steps of how it works.

1. Click the “Pay-out funds“ button in the dashboard

2. Enter the amount you want to transfer to an external wallet from the current balance

3. Define the external wallet address

4. Verify the transaction by filling in the OTP sent via SMS

5. Confirm the pay-out

The pay-out is sent to the external wallet within 24 hours. As soon as the transaction status is updated, the partner gets an email notification in case of confirmation or rejection. The transferred BTC is returned to the partner’s Swaps BTC wallet address if the transaction is rejected.

All pay-out history is available in the “Pay-out” tab in the Swaps partner dashboard.

Get a Swaps BTC Wallet

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