How to receive сrypto transfers directly to a bank account at half the cost

May 8, 2024
May 8, 2024
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International money transfers are an integral part of the global economy and used everywhere. However, these transfers often present a variety of challenges that can complicate the seemingly straightforward task of sending money from one country to another.

Challenges and solutions

Let's take a look at the main ones. Firstly, high commissions, which can significantly increase the cost of the transfer, especially for large amounts. Secondly, currency fluctuations can affect the final amount that the recipient receives. In addition, the process may take several days due to bank checks and the need to comply with international financial regulations. These delays not only increase inconvenience for the sender and recipient, but can also result in missed financial opportunities. Swaps' mission is to simplify such obstacles and make the search for more efficient and cost-effective ways of international transfers especially urgent.

It's challenges like these that make a company's mission especially meaningful and inspire our team to create innovative products. Specializing in providing advanced payment solutions in crypto and fiat currencies. By integrating cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, Swaps bridges the gap between traditional and decentralized finance, making crypto-fiat transactions and international transfers accessible, practical and cost-effective for everyone. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce an important addition to Payment Links of Swaps. Now you can create payment links and accept crypto transfers with instant conversion of funds into traditional fiat currencies (e.g. EUR, GBP etc.) directly to your bank account with a commission significantly lower than in a standard international transfer.

Swaps Payment Links: How to make Сrypto and Fiat transactions more efficient

Payment Links offers a user-friendly solution that caters to the diverse needs of modern businesses and individuals. By visiting the company's platform at swaps.app, users can effortlessly create a payment request as a simple invoice by specifying the desired amount and currency (crypto or fiat). The process generates a unique payment link accompanied by a QR code, which can be sent to the payer or displayed directly for scanning.

How It Works

The payer can follow the link to a secure payment page where they can choose from several convenient payment methods, including bank cards, wire transfers, cryptocurrency, and various alternative and local payment options. The payer makes the payment with a few clicks, and Swaps handles all the transaction processing on its end so that the funds are delivered to the recipient as quickly as possible. This flexibility ensures that Swaps Payment Links can meet the diverse needs and preferences of global users.

How to receive Crypto transfers directly to a Bank account at Half the cost


1. Go to swaps.app and select Payment Links. Choose the currency to receive and the option "Receive bank transfer". Enter the bank account number (IBAN) of the recipient 

2. Clarify the transfer details, create a payment link and send it to the payer or use a QR code.

3. Receive the transfer to the bank account.

Benefits for users around the world

With Payment Links, recipients can receive funds in the format of their choice, such as get international payment for services in cryptocurrency, when the payer can easily pay an invoice with bank card or via Google and Apple Pay. From now on it is possible to receive payments in fiat currency (e.g. EUR, GBP, etc.) directly to a bank account, while the payer has the option to pay the invoice in crypto.

Why This Matters

In an increasingly interconnected world, the demand for versatile, fast, and secure payment methods continues to rise. Payment Links provide businesses and individuals with an efficient tool to manage global transactions effectively. Just imagine that you need to receive a crypto payment or transfer from business partners in Asia to your European bank account in (EUR, GBP etc.) and then make payouts in crypto to other worldwide counterparties with a transaction fee half as much as a standard international wire transfer. All this can be done with Swaps Payment Links in a few clicks. This new release reflects a step forward in addressing the evolving needs of the financial technology market.


The challenges associated with standard international money transfers are significant, but they are not insurmountable. Thanks to solutions like Swaps Payment Links, the process of transferring money across borders is becoming more efficient, safer and less costly. Swaps is fully licensed and regulated in Estonia and Canada, ensuring a safe and reliable service for users worldwide.

Learn more and try new features on the website: https://www.swaps.app/

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