Crypto payments in the real estate sector: practical application from Kurg&Korsten and Swaps

April 12, 2024
April 12, 2024
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In 2024, Kurg&Korsten, one of the leading real estate agencies in Estonia, and Swaps, a company specializing in crypto-fiat payments, launched a partnership.This collaboration allows Kurg&Korsten to integrate crypto payments into its real estate business. Now the agency’s clients can pay for the purchase and rental of real estate at their convenience, including using cryptocurrency. And Kurg&Korsten can accept crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, as well as traditional currencies (EUR, GBP) into their account as payment, which opens up new opportunities for investors, expands the availability of agency services and improves client experience.

Partner companies

Kurg&Korsten is an innovative and agile real estate agency based in Tallinn, Estonia, which puts the implementation of new technologies at the heart of its work. The company specializes in providing personalized real estate solutions - from property sales and rentals to property management and investment strategy. With a deep understanding of market needs, Kurg&Korsten ensures a smooth and successful experience for the customers.

Swaps is a fully regulated European company dedicated to the integration of crypto-fiat payments. In addition to the main direction of developing On&Off Ramp solutions (a payment gateway for buy, sell and exchanging cryptocurrency), Swaps provides businesses with the opportunity to accept crypto payments on a par with traditional currencies. The key advantages of Swaps are access to users in more than 190 countries, many payment methods, local currencies for payment, instant, reliable and secure transactions.

Market challenges

The adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment for real estate is a dynamically developing and trending area, but at the same time it faces a number of obstacles: legal restrictions, exchange rate volatility and the lack of reliable payment solutions. For the real estate market, where transactions are often high-value and require legal accuracy, these problems are especially relevant. Growing interest in cryptocurrencies among investors requires real estate agencies to adapt to new requirements and find reliable ways to integrate digital currencies into their operations.

"The growing interest in cryptocurrencies among investors requires real estate agencies to adapt to the new requirements and find reliable ways to integrate digital currencies into their operations."


Why Swaps?

Kurg&Korsten's choice in favor of Swaps was due to several key factors: advanced technologies for processing crypto-fiat payments, a high level of security, and ease of integration. Swaps offered a solution that not only ensures transparency and speed of transactions, but also meets all the necessary regulatory requirements, which is especially important for the real estate sector. These aspects made it an ideal partnership between Kurg&Korsten and Swaps to implement a new approach to payment acceptance.


Swaps offered a comprehensive solution for integrating crypto payments into the Kurg&Korsten system, which includes the use of its own single API for processing transactions in real time. Swaps technology allows Kurg&Korsten clients to freely pay for purchases, rentals or other agency services with cryptocurrency or traditional currency (e.g. EUR) using any convenient method (Bank card or transfer including via SEPA, Google or Apple Pay and many others). In turn, a real estate agency can instantly accept any payments without restrictions, safely and conveniently. Swaps takes care of the entire payment flow and completely carries out the transaction processing, automatically converts crypto into fiat money and vice versa delivering it to the company’s account or wallet. Thereby significantly reducing transaction time, minimizing risks associated with exchange rate volatility and ensuring the most convenient and smooth payment experience for all parties.

This solution provides the flexibility to accept payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies, with funds arriving in Kurg&Korsten's account in traditional currency, simplifying financial accounting and tax compliance.


The process of integrating the Swaps payment solution into the Kurg&Korsten system took about a week and went without significant difficulties thanks to the close cooperation of the teams of both companies. Swaps provided detailed documentation and necessary technical support to ensure a smooth integration. This allowed Kurg&Korsten to quickly begin accepting cryptocurrency payments, expanding its services and offering customers a modern and convenient payment method.

Results and benefits

The partnership with Swaps allowed Kurg&Korsten to reach a new audience of clients interested in using cryptocurrencies when purchasing real estate and Swaps to expand opportunities and introduce innovations into traditionally conservative markets in terms of payments.

It also greatly simplified the transaction process, reducing payment processing times and costs associated with foreign exchange and bank fees. Thanks to the partnership, Kurg&Korsten has been able to strengthen its position in the market as an innovative agency offering cutting-edge solutions to clients. The partnership highlighted the importance of adapting to new technologies in the real estate industry and paved the way for further development of digital payments in the industry.


The crypto-fiat payments industry is rapidly developing and opening up access to new areas of business.The collaboration between Swaps and Kurg&Korsten demonstrates how innovation can transform traditional industries such as the real estate market. The classic methods of payment for large real estate transactions and all the inherent complexities of this process are significantly optimized with the help of payment solutions that Swaps provides. This integration of crypto-fiat payments not only simplified the payment process, but also expanded the audience and opportunities for Kurg&Korsten clients, emphasizing the importance of a progressive approach to business.

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