Announcing New Payment Options: Klarna and Swish Now Available on Swaps

May 28, 2024
May 24, 2024
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In the modern world, financial technologies are rapidly evolving, and Swaps always strives to be at the forefront of these innovations. We are thrilled to announce that our users can now use Klarna and Swish to buy and sell cryptocurrency. These new payment methods make the process even more convenient and secure, opening up new opportunities for our customers. In this article, we'll go into detail about Klarna and Swish, their benefits and how they will change your experience of using our service.

Klarna: Convenience and flexibility

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish financial company founded in 2005 that provides a variety of payment solutions, including the ability to pay later or split payments into multiple installments.

Where and how is Klarna used?

Klarna is particularly popular in the Nordic countries such as Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and is also actively expanding its presence in the US and UK. It is used mainly in online stores to pay for goods and services, giving customers the opportunity to choose the most convenient payment methods.

How will Klarna improve your experience?

  1. Flexible Payments: Now you can buy crypto with Klarna directly from Swaps in addition to your bank card, bank transfer, Google pay, Apple pay, Astropay, making the process more accessible and manageable.
  2. Security and protection: Klarna provides a high level of security for its users, minimizing the risk of fraud and ensuring secure transactions.
  3. Ease of use: The intuitive interface and ease of use make Klarna the ideal choice for those who value convenience and simplicity.

Swish: Instant and secure payments

What is Swish?

Swish is a Swedish payment system developed by Sweden's largest banks that allows you to instantly transfer money using mobile devices. Since its launch in 2012, Swish has gained popularity due to its speed and security.

Where and how is Swish used?

Swish is most popular in Sweden, where it is used almost everywhere - from online payments to payments in physical stores and even in markets. The system has also gained recognition in Finland, Norway and Denmark. It is actively used for instant transfers between individuals and for payment for goods and services.

Benefits of using Swaps with Swish for crypto transactions:

  1. Instant Payments: You can buy cryptocurrency instantly from Swaps using Swish as a payment method.
  2. High level of security: Payments are protected by two-factor authentication and other advanced security measures, making the use of Swish as secure as other options available in Swaps.
  3. Convenience: Buying crypto in Swaps has become even easier and more convenient using a variety of methods, among which Swish is now available.

Why is this important to Swaps users?

Adding Klarna and Swish to the Swaps payment service is not just an expansion of functionality. This is a significant step towards making the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency more accessible, secure and convenient for our users. Swaps business clients, using a payment gateway on their platforms, can now offer their users even more options for buying and selling crypto and expand the geography of their business.

How to buy crypto in Swaps using Klarna and Swish?


  1. Go to swaps.app and select Buy. Choose the currency to buy and the option "Debit/credit card". 
  2. Specify your wallet address, choose Klarna or Swish as payment method and click pay.
  3. Receive crypto to your wallet.


Our goal is to make your journey in the world of cryptocurrencies as convenient and safe as possible. We are confident that the addition of Klarna and Swish will significantly improve your Swaps experience and add more freedom and flexibility in crypto and fiat payments. Stay tuned and take advantage of the new Swaps features.

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